When people were drowning in the Mediterranean we knew we had to act. So we went out to sea and saved 14,000 lives. But we were forced to stop when Italian authorities seized our ship, the Iuventa. Now we are being investigated for “aiding illegal immigration“. We risk 20 years in prison.

This trial is not just about us. All across Europe volunteers are being prosecuted for showing solidarity with people in need. Today it can be a crime to provide shelter, to give out a cup of tea, save somebody’s live in Europe. We stand by our actions. We will not give up until Europe stands up for human rights.

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Our forensic study aimed at assessing the allegations of the Italian authorities. The results are clear: There is no evidence of collusion between the Iuventa’s crew and smugglers.

Lorenzo Pezzani, Researcher - Goldsmiths University London

Undercover agents have reported to the Italian police that our crews collaborated with Libyan smugglers. There is no evidence and no official accusation to date. We have acted in accordance with international law and our missions were coordinated by the responsible authority, the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center in Rome.

Although we have to stand trial, it is us who accuses Europe. We accuse European politicians of turning their backs on people in need. We accuse the EU of collaborating with regimes who violate human rights. Our mission is solidarity. Join us, become part of our support crew!

Meet Laura, our rescue boat team leader. Over the course of four missions, she distributed more than 5,000 life jackets to people in distress. The fact that she can’t go out to sea during this ongoing lawsuit, is what frustrates her the most. “The situation in the Mediterranean is not a natural catastrophe. It is a political disaster that people are drowning there.”

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Iuventa10 – Solidarity at Sea is not a Crime

We are not simply fighting a case in court. We are on a mission to fight for solidarity in Europe. And to do so, we need your help! Join our cause, let us take action and raise our voices!

As a captain, I am obliged by law to help anyone in distress at sea. However, solidarity with people in need is everybody's duty. You can help as well, even a small donation is a great sign.

Pia, Captain - Part of the Iuventa10

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Watch the counter-investigation on our case published by researchers of Forensic Architecture, London.

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