We will not be intimidated by this criminalization campaign! We are continuing – in solidarity with all others who are currently being accused and marginalized – to show our face and raise our voices in the court room, in discussions, protests and other direct actions!


Who assist people on the move risk jail as authorities misuse anti smuggling laws

March 5, 2020

Amnesty International: iuventa10 is a symbolic case in new report about criminalisation of solidarity

Amnesty awards human rights prize to iuventa10

February 11, 2020

Amnesty International demands to stop the proceedings against Iuventa10 without any restrictions.

Facts that matter

February 10, 2020

++ Investigation files still not accessible until the end of preliminary investigations ++ Preliminary investigations are continuing notwithstanding exculpatory evidence ++ Main eyewitness, interviewed by the press, revoked his testimony ++ Defense filed a request to drop the case ++

ECCHR submitted a complaint letter to the UN Special Rapporteur

January 29, 2020

Sea rescuers under attack: Iuventa crew criminalized by Italian government

Front Line Defenders: Stop the Prosecution!

June 5, 2019

„Criminalising Migrant Rights Defenders effectively means endorsing a policy of death.“

Honoured in Switzerland, criminalised in Italy

May 10, 2019

Paul Grüninger Award for Iuventa Crew
„Saving lives instead of criminalizing the rescuers“

“I’ve never seen the NGOs cooperate with the traffickers…“

May 8, 2019

Pietro Gallo, one of the main witnesses of the prosecution in conversation with Zeit Online.